10 January 2013 @ 12:09 am
If you're going to be in London this summer, you won't want to miss the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum!

23 March – 28 July 2013. The V&A has been given unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. David Bowie is will feature more than 300 objects that include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs and Bowie's own instruments.

Many of the items on display have never been shown to the public before! They are also producing a limited-edition book of the exhibition (which I'm assuming is only for the wealthiest fans, as a price is not listed).

Edit: There will be a cheaper version of the book after all! Check Amazon (Barnes and Noble has it too) for the $30-$50 version. Preorder starts now!

A self-portrait (click for full size). There are some more high-res photos on the website!

Click here for more info: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/david-bowie-is/

A list of the places in Berlin named in Where Are We Now? if you are curious:
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